Whilst this isn’t a real terms and conditions and it certainly doesn’t bind anyone to anything legally, we do feel that it’s important to let you know what we intend to do with your submission.

We may not use every single submission on the site. This is the internet and people are crazy, we’re expecting some spam and some stuff that people try to post thinking that this is an automated service. It’s not, we’ll vet everything before we post it. Unless your dick pic is really, REALLY relevant we definitely won’t be posting that. Stories about midnight wanking travellers are definitely fine though.

Providing that we do decide to use your contribution, it’ll be posted on placementproject.com, hopefully in it’s entirety and in the exact way that you wrote it in the submission box. We may edit it slightly if we really feel like we have to, but we’d rather not if we can help it. This project isn’t a thesis and isn’t going to be submitted to government. It’s conversational and the website equivalent of having a chat down the pub with someone who has had an experience that is relative, to one you have had or are about to have. What we’re getting at is that we want it to be honest, real and un-edited.

We won’t however be held responsible for things that you may write about your former employees one night while your staring at the bottom of a bottle of peach schnapps (each to their own). When you tick the ‘accept’ check box and click submit we’ll more than likely post the contents of the contribution. We’re not evil though, if you want us to take it down just drop us a line and we’ll edit it for you or remove it completely. Free of charge.

By clicking submit you also give us permission to use the words, images, video or sound bites that you send us, along with any other information (your name, your agency etc) that you supply to us to either promote the project, your involvement in the project; or the project as a body of work that has been conceived, executed, maintained and laboured over for way too long by Matt Johnson and Jordan Stokes. We’re not going to take credit for your work, we might however say “hey look, we’ve got (insert your name) to write something for Placement Project, come and take a look”. We’ll also have it in our portfolios and your name may feature.

placementproject.com is the intellectual property of Matt Johnson and Jordan Stokes. The content contained within this project dates back to 2007 and is all original content. We retain the right to refuse it’s use in contexts that don’t properly align with our ‘brand’ we would also love a link back and a credit if you decide to use any of the project’s content in a publication, blog or article (books, magazines, blog posts, portfolios, talks, lectures etc). We also retain the right to request that this content is removed if used without our (or the original contributor’s) permission.

Hopefully this is all OK with you. If not, don’t click the ‘accept’ check box and email us. You’ve obviously written/created something to get this far and we’d love to discuss getting it on the site. Placement was originally created way back in 2008 as a conversational and peer to peer reference to internships and placements, let’s share the wealth of knowledge, but in a clean, safe and friendly way.

Disclaimer (repeated from about page).
We are fully aware that in the 10 years since this project began contributors have moved agencies and potentially even out of the creative industry. There have also been many other similar projects created and published, whether as single articles or as on-going sources of reference.

We do feel that we have too much great information here that we have waited too long to release out into the wider world.

If you are aware of any wrong information featured on this website, or if you are the contributor and you would like to be disassociated with the project. Please get in touch and we can amend.

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