Now then. I’ve been crap, I am crap and I can only apologise for the tardy nature of my response.

I know you won’t take it personally and you’ll understand that things have been (and continue to be) a bit hectic here. I know you have chased me for some copy on a regular basis, and this is quite apt when discussing the whole nature of placement. Quite apart from a modicum of talent, the main prerequisite for the aspiring placement student is Perseverance, or even perseverance, perseverance, perseverance. As you can probably see from the appointments in my aspiring tea makers diary, There are a lot of appointments, these are the tip of the iceberg, as I’m sure you know.

The first port of call is finding design groups you might like to work at, then the sending of CV’s, calling back, chasing up and in a few cases actually getting a foot in the door. That was certainly my placement experience, a lot of phone calls and CV postage, 6 months of couch surfing, culminating in umpteen interviews, 5 placements and ultimately a full time job after college. My advice (for what it’s worth) is that if you have a connection with a contact at a design company don’t forget to mention it, and if you don’t make sure your CV is memorable in some way. (did you get my pink t-shirt? or length of industrial tape is more likely to elicit a response than have you seen my CV?) whether you get the place, or even the interview is another matter, but you can’t beat memorable (or even newsworthy)

Hope this goes some way to the release of my battered old diary and you have some fun with your book.
Keep me posted as to how it goes, hope to see you both down here for a beer soon.

Steve Lloyyd - Creative Director

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