It’s all about the impression you make.

Before your placement (mailers/interviews), during (your attitude, work hard and be nice to people), and after.
A leave-behind is by no means the most important of the three, but it is a great opportunity, whether it’s a simple thank you card, or something edible, to leave a lasting impression. Make sure it’s memorable and says something about you and your time at whichever studio you’re at.

The Chase have a notice board in the kitchen which acts as a placement reminder wall, there are lots on there and so it’s important that you stand out.
When I left my placement I iced cookies to look like every member of the studio, and one recent placement left us all with beautifully crafted personalised thank you postcards which were each written with a lot of thought. Then a couple of weeks later, she sent us a lovely packaged CD of songs that played a lot on the radio while she was with us. We now associate those songs with her and when we hear them we are reminded of her placement.

It doesn’t have to be the biggest idea, but it is always nice to show your appreciation in a way that also keeps you fresh in everyone’s mind.

Mika Shephard - Senior Designer

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