Don’t be a superhero to work!

The student that stands out the most to me, was a girl that came in for a week placement. She then came back in a few weeks later to see us for some advice on a brief she had from uni.

The brief was to create a self promotion piece in addition to their portfolio’s, that would make them stand out at an interview. So, the usual advice, can’t go wrong with a good piece of design work, that’s kept simple and gets straight to the point. Showed her some examples, but she seem to look alittle puzzled. She mentioned others on her course were doing something quite different. “Good” I said nothing wrong with being different.

However, when she suggested dressing up as a superhero and going to an interview, I quickly pointed out this is not the way to get remembered. Well, I suppose you will get remembered, but for all the wrong reasons.

Kate Booth - Senior Designer
The Foundry

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