If the works good enough I will always see people and give them time. You don’t have to be perfect or have all the answers, just something I want to know more about. Gimmicks are just that.

My pet hate is people sending me weird things, or turn up at the studio un announced.
One potential placement freaked the whole of the BB/Saunders studio out when I worked there. A courier pressed the studio buzzer one afternoon and delivered a cake. The form I signed and the guy himself had something weird about them.

It turned out the student had designed a delivery company uniform and was going around studios delivering cakes to get attention. This was then followed up with an email along the lines of “I was just in your studio, it was me, not a courier, surprise. Can I come back and show you my work?” The cake went in the bin and he got a swift no and his cards were forever marked.

James Greenfield - Creative Director / Founder
Studio Koto

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