We had a placement once that really didn’t want to leave.
They had me pinned against a wall. Poking me in chest, screaming, I love you! I WANT to work here. Erm… Hello is that the police?

We had one that refused to work on Thrislington Toilet Cubicles soap calendar – it won a pencil!

Memorable Placements’ leave behinds:
Leon’s Fridge magnets
Rosie’s Tea Tray
Alex’s Shortbread

Don’t send BRIEFS?!
I love briefs… girls knickers arrived in post. Hmmm.

Join in but no too much, eg. Throwing zambucas against wall!

No head phones – shows not listening, not interested, can’t pick up on opportunities.
TEA – is the way to people’s hearts – can be the best idea ever. Chance to get to know everyone and shows you can suss out the mood / energy levels

Wear shoes you can walk in and go errands in.

Jack Renwick - Creative Director & Founder
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