The placement who had gone around the corner of the studio to scan in a load of reference material (yes the days when scanners were constantly flashing back and forth), and was later found fast asleep, I think he had a big night out.

The placement who was handed a lit firework (a secret Santa gift a Christmas dinner) outside a restaurant and told to run for his life.

We always tried to ensure placements had something constructive to work on and encouraged them to make themselves busy. If there really was nothing to do, they would be offered a pack coloured pencils painstakingly matched to the A-Z map and invite them to colour in a section of our A0 type only map of London.

I would just finish by saying we always payed the going rate for placements and if we kept them on for longer than the agreed period we increased this to the equivalent of a junior freelance rate. Whilst I was a director of NB we employed at least 4 people after there internship.

Ben Stott - Creative Director

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