Energy beats talent.

I was tempted to leave that there and be all enigmatic.


Keenness goes a long way, at any/every stage of our careers. Coolness less so. Cockiness zero so.

One placement suggested the bones of an idea. Good for him. It was developed and presented. It won out. He leans back in his chair, hands behind head, feet up where our desks met, “it’s a good job I came here, init?”. Hmmm. He didn’t stick around.

To get one. ‘Demonstrate you can see and think differently’ (as advised by my Foundation tutor).

When on one. Know what you ought to, ask about anything else. Maybe lay off the headphones for the duration. Work hard and smile.

It’s tricky, it can be awkward for both parties, and luck plays its part. But, ultimately, energy beats cockheads.

Graham Barton - Creative Director

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